One of the most visible functions provided by TIA is helping boaters avoid many of the dangerous shoals that populate the St. Lawrence River. Nearly 200 shoal markers are placed every spring from mid-way on the Bateau Channel, north of Howe Island, all the way down River to Brockville/Morristown.


Fire Pumps and Defibrillators

Between Kingston and Brockville and Cape Vincent and Ogdensburg there are fire pumps and defibrillator kits provided by the TIA. The defibrillators are meant for everyone’s use. You will find them at:

Ed Huck Marine, Rockport

Rockport Municipal Dock

Peck’s Marine, West of Ivy Lea

Ivy Lea Municipal Dock

Gananoque Marina, Gananoque

1000 Islands Playhouse, Gananoque

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